HP Gas Customer Care Number Toll-Free | Emergency Service 24×7

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the HP Gas customer care number because many of you consume HP gas but do not know which number to use in case of emergency.

You can also use this number during an emergency

HP Gas Customer Care is a number that is used by HP Gas customers to solve HP Gas-related issues.

This number helps HP Gas customers to get gas cylinder booking, HP gas cylinder delivery status, any type of HP gas cylinder requirement as well as other gas-related information.

HP Gas customer care number varies according to your state. Below you can see the HP Gas customer care number of your state.

HP Gas Customer Care
HP Gas Customer Care
01.Andhra Pradesh+9196660 23456
02.Assam+9190850 23456
03.Bihar+9194707 23456
04.Chhattisgarh+9196690 23456
05.Delhi+9199909 23456
06.Goa+9199600 23456
07.Gujarat+9198244 23456
08.Haryana+9198129 23456
09.Himachal Pradesh+9198820 23456
10.Jammu & Kashmir+9190860 23456
11.Jharkhand+9189875 23456
12.Karnataka+9199640 23456
13.Kerala+9199610 23456
14.Madhya Pradesh+9196690 23456
15.Maharashtra+9188888 23456
16.Odisha+9190909 23456
17.Puducherry+9190922 23456
18.Punjab+9198556 23456
19.Rajasthan+9178910 23456
20.Tamil Nadu+9190922 23456
21.Telangana+9196660 23456
22.Uttar Pradesh+9198896 23456
23.Uttar Pradesh (West)+9181919 23456
24.Uttarakhand+9198896 23456
25.West Bengal+9190888 23456

Assistance is available only within a limit on the number given above. For further assistance, you can call the toll-free number given below.
HP Gas Customer Care Toll-free Number
HP Gas Customer Care Toll-free Number

HP Gas Customer Care Number India Toll-Free

Talking about HP Gas customer care toll-free number, it is 1800-2333-555 but here you can get help only from 8 am to 8 pm.

But there is no need to panic, below are some toll-free numbers which are according to your state. You can get help from him at any time

HP Gas Customer Care Number India Toll-Free Number 24×7

Here, toll-free numbers are being given according to your state, but these are for only a few states, in the coming time the numbers of all the states will be updated.

01. Arunachal Pradesh1800 233 1363
02.Chandigarh0172 263 5812
03.Dadra & Nagar Haveli0260 266 0267
04.Daman & Diu0260 222 0404
05.Manipur1800 345 3888
06.Meghalaya1800 345 3566
07.Meghalaya1800 345 3566
08.Mizoram1800 345 3888
09.Nagaland1800 345 3630
10.Tripura1800 345 3999
All these HP Gas toll-free numbers are ready to quickly resolve any of your HP Gas-related issues and provide you with guidance and assistance.

If you want, you can also get answers to your questions by calling these numbers and getting solutions to any problem related to HP gas service.
HP Gas Emergency Helpline Number
HP Gas Emergency Helpline Number

HP Gas Emergency Helpline Number

If you need help in emergency situations then you can contact this number 1906. Here you will be provided immediate assistance in case of emergency.

HP Gas Complaint Management System

HP Gas Complaint Management System is a platform developed by HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) to manage all connection-related complaints of HP Gas.

It allows HP Gas customers to register their complaints related to gas cylinder delivery, gas leakage, booking issues and all other related concerns.

HP GAS Complaint Management System provides all the various features like online complaint registration, real-time complaint tracking, automatic ticket generation, and resolution time estimation of HP GAS.

HP GAS Complaint Management System is designed to provide speedy and efficient redressal of customer complaints related to HP GAS.

To register any type of complaint, customers can visit the HP Gas website or mobile app and fill out the HP Gas complaint form. They can also contact the HP Gas customer care number to register their complaint.

Once the complaint is registered, the system generates a complaint ticket, which you can use to track the status of your complaint

HP Gas Complaint Management System ensures transparency in the complaint resolution process by sending automated SMS and email notifications to customers at various stages of the complaint resolution process.

HP GAS customers can also provide feedback or suggestions on the grievance redressal process, which helps HPCL to further improve its services.

All in all, the HP GAS Complaint Management System is a user-friendly and good platform, that enables HP GAS customers to easily register and track complaints related to their HP GAS connection and seek any kind of help makes. So that HP gas consumers do not have to face any kind of problem.

HP Gas Public Grievance Redressal System

HP Gas has set up an HP Gas Public Grievance Redressal System to address any concerns or complaints of its HP Gas customers.

This HP GAS Public Grievance Redressal System ensures that HP GAS customers have a transparent and effective channel to report any type of issue and get it resolved promptly.

Here below you are given some salient features of the HP GAS Public Grievance Redressal System which every HP GAS consumer should know.

  • Customers can register any type of complaint online by visiting the official website of HP Gas. They need to provide their HP Gas consumer number, distributor name and contact details to start the HP Gas complaint registration process.
  • HP Gas has a toll-free helpline number on which all HP Gas customers can call to lodge any complaint or seek any kind of help. The HP Gas helpline number is available 24/7, and customers can talk to an HP Gas customer care representative to get their issues resolved.
  • HP GAS has designated Grievance Redressal Officers (GROs) in each region for its consumers who are responsible for the redressal of all HP GAS customer complaints. If not satisfied with the resolution provided by the distributor, the customer can directly approach the GRO to escalate his/her grievances.
  • HP GAS aims to solve all the complaints and problems of HP GAS customers within the given stipulated time frame. If your complaint and problem are not resolved within the stipulated time, you can escalate your complaint to higher authorities and get help.
  • HP GAS values all the feedback provided by its customers and also encourages customers to provide feedback or suggestions on the services provided by the company. This feedback helps the company to improve its services and resolve any issues faced by HP Gas customers.


In today’s blog, I have told you about the HP Gas Customer Care Toll-Free Number, for your information, in any emergency, you can get help from your nearest gas agency or any gas shop. For any information related to HP Gas, you can comment. Thanks.

What is the number of HP gas agency?

HP Gas Agency numbers vary depending on your state and city. If you want to know the number of your HP Gas Agency, click here.

What is the customer care number of HP Gas India 24×7 toll-free?

HP Gas customer care toll-free number is 1800-2333-555 but here you can get help only from 8 am to 8 pm.

What is the number of HP gas online?

HP Gas’s online booking number is 8888823456. You can book by calling anytime.

How do I cancel my HP gas connection online?

To cancel your HP gas connection online, you have to log in to your HP gas account and enter your request there after the request is approved, you can submit your gas cylinder and all your accessories to your distributor.

How to book gas cylinder hp from amazon?

For this you will have to go to the Amazon Pay page section, there you will have to click on the LPG cylinder, and after that, you will have to select your LPG provider, after that you will have to make payment by entering the registered mobile number and LPG, after this your The booking will be confirmed.

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