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Hello friends, today we will talk about the HP gas booking number because HP gas is going to be used for cooking most of the time in India, so many people want to know how to book an HP gas cylinder, so today we are going to this blog. I will tell you how to book an HP gas cylinder according to your state.

HP Gas Booking Number According to Your State

The HP gas booking number mentioned below varies from state to state. You can get help in HP Gas Booking by selecting the number according to your state. Please note that the number given below is for the IVRS/SMS process.

There are other ways to book HP gas, whose information is mentioned below in this blog.

1.Assam+91 90850 23456
2.Andhra Pradesh+91 96660 23456
3.Arunachal Pradesh+91 94020 23456
4.Bihar+91 94707 23456
5.Chhattisgarh+91 96690 23456
6.Delhi & NCR+91 99909 23456
7.Gujarat+91 98244 23456
8.Goa+91 94220 23456
9.Himachal Pradesh+91 98820 23456
10.Haryana+91 98129 23456
11.Jammu & Kashmir+91 90860 23456
12.Jharkhand+91 89875 23456
13.Kerala+91 99610 23456
14.Karnataka+91 99640 23456
15.Maharashtra+91 88888 23456
16.Madhya Pradesh+91 96690 23456
17.Manipur+91 94020 23456
18.Meghalaya+91 90890 23456
19.Mizoram+91 98630 23456
20.Nagaland+91 94020 23456
21.Odisha+91 90909 23456
22.Punjab+91 98556 23456
23.Puducherry+91 90922 23456
24.Rajasthan+91 78910 23456
25.Tamil Nadu+91 90922 23456
26.Telangana+91 96660 23456
27.Tripura+91 94020 23456
28.Uttar Pradesh (W)+91 81919 23456
29.Uttar Pradesh+91 98896 23456
30.Uttarakhand+91 98820 23456
31.West Bengal+91 90888 23456

This is done HP gas booking number but if you are an HP gas consumer then you also need to know that in how many ways you can book your HP gas.

HP Gas Booking Phone Number
HP Gas Booking Phone Number

How to Book HP Gas Cylinder by Phone-Number

To book HP Gas, you can follow the steps given below from your registered mobile number

Here we will tell you two ways, the first way is for those people who are booking for the first time, because they will have to register their mobile number first and the second way is for those people who are registered users, that is, they have never booked before. I have done so, so let’s start.

First-Time Registration to HP Anytime (For Unregistered Customers)

  • First of all, you have to dial the HP gas booking number according to your state and select your language.
  • Now you will have to enter the landline number as per the given instructions without the STD code and press 1 to confirm (If you do not know the landline number of your gas distributor, then you can know it by clicking)
  • Now you will have to enter your 6-digit user number and confirm by pressing 1.
  • Now you will have to press 1 to book the gas cylinder as per the given instructions.
  • After a few seconds, you will get a message on your phone confirming your HP gas cylinder booking.
  • Now you will be asked to press 1 to register your mobile number and this mobile number will be registered forever so that next time you call, you will be directly directed for booking.

For Registered HP Gas User

If you have already booked an HP gas cylinder and your mobile number is registered, then you can book by following the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to dial the HP gas booking number of your state and distributor
  • You will now be asked to confirm your user number.
  • After this, you must press 1 to book your HP gas cylinder.
  • Now your HP gas cylinder booking information will be sent to your mobile number through SMS.

Once You Register Your Mobile Number For IVRS, HP Gas Provides You Many More Facilities Like:-

  • You can book your gas cylinder without any hassle.
  • If you want to cancel the gas cylinder booking then you can do so
  • If there is any problem with your gas cylinder like leakage etc., you can get help with any kind of service.
  • If you want to get any information related to your subsidy, you can get it.
  • If you want to give feedback on any service related to HP Gas then you can give it.
  • If you want to change your default language then you can change it.

HP Gas Booking Options

There are many ways to book HP gas, which have been explained in detail below, you can book HP gas by choosing any of the methods.

  • HP Gas Booking Online
  • HP Gas Booking Application
  • HP Gas Booking IVRS
  • HP Gas Booking SMS
  • HP Gas Booking Number WhatsApp
  • HP Gas Booking Distributor
HP Gas Booking Online
HP Gas Booking Online

There are other ways to do HP gas booking, but above all, you have been told only the popular methods.

There are also ways to book HP gas given above. You will get information about all those ways on our website(www.mylpggas.in). For more information, you can visit our website.


Today I told you all how you can book HP gas from your mobile while sitting at your home. If you liked my information then please tell me in the comment box and if you want to give us any suggestions, you can also give them in the comment box. So let’s meet you in the next post thanks.

What is the number for HP gas booking?

HP Gas booking number is 88888 23456, you can contact this number 24/7.

How can I check my cylinder booking status?

To check the status of your gas cylinder booking, you will have to call the IVRS gas cylinder booking number from your registered mobile number. You have to follow the instructions given to check the booking status, after this, the status of your gas cylinder booking will be informed.

How do I find my LPG cash memo number?

You can check your LPG Cash Memo number after the gas cylinder delivery from some of the following places like:- Email, or SMS, you will get it on the receipt and you can get it by contacting your gas distributor.

How do I change the language on my HP gas booking?

You can follow the instructions given to change the language while calling your HP gas booking number.

What is the latest gas booking number?

The latest HP Gas booking number is 88888 23456, you can contact this number 24/7.

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