HP Gas Booking Full Guide 2023 | How to Book HP Gas.?

If we look at today’s rapidly growing world, every person runs after convenience and when it comes to cooking, HP GAS is used the most. There are many ways to book HP GAS, but today you will be told about the easiest and quickest ways to book and many other important information related to HP GAS BOOKING will be given.

HP Gas

The full name of HP GAS is Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, it is the only such company in India. With its network covering every corner of India and HP GAS CYLINDER being used in almost every household, it has become the most reliable LPG service provider in India.

Registering for HP Gas Connection

For your information, let us tell you that to book HP Gas, it is mandatory for you to have an HP Gas gas connection. You can easily get a new HP gas connection by visiting your nearest HP gas distributor.

HP Gas Booking

There are many ways to book HP gas, some of which are as follows:

1. Online HP Gas Booking

Nowadays people prefer to book HP gas online because your HP gas can be booked online absolutely free of cost. To book HP Gas online, you must have an ID and password.

You can easily book your gas cylinder and also make payment by visiting the official website of HP Gas with your HP Gas connection ID and password.

2. Mobile App Booking

This method is for those people who like to use applications on their mobile. You can book HP Gas very easily from your phone by installing the official application of HP Gas.

For this, you will have to install the app on your mobile phone and register your account, after which you will be able to book your HP gas in just a few steps.

3. SMS Booking

If you know less about technology or for some reason, the internet is not working on your mobile phone, then you can adopt this method. This method is also very easy but you may have to pay SMS charges for booking through this method.

4. IVRS Booking

This is the favourite method of the people, in this, you have to call the HP gas booking number and by following the given instructions, your HP gas booking is made in just a few seconds. This is the easiest method that people like to use the most.

5. Booking Through Distributors

A few years ago, the booking of HP gas was done in this way, because people were not so aware of the technology earlier, but in the last few years, many ways of booking HP gas have been created. And also people have started preferring to book in less time due to which no one wants to adopt this method.

HP Gas Booking Number
HP Gas Booking Number

HP Gas Cylinder Booking Charges

The charging time of an HP gas cylinder may vary depending on the time and your city, hence the rules keep changing in the coming days. Therefore, it would be better if you go to the nearest HP gas distributor centre in your city and find out.

Delivery and Tracking

Once your HP Gas booking is done, you can check the status of your booking online or use our application and your HP Gas will be delivered as per the given time.

This way you came to know how many ways there are to book HP gas, all these methods will be explained in more detail in our upcoming post.


In this blog, we told you how many ways there are to book HP gas. Here is just an overview of the HP Gas booking process. But in the upcoming blog, all these methods will be explained in detail which will help you a lot in booking your HP gas.

How can I book gas in my HP mobile?

To book HP gas, first of all, you have to dial the HP gas booking number of your state from your phone, after that you can book your HP gas by following the instructions given.

How do you fill a gas cylinder?

If you want to learn how to fill an HP gas cylinder then you need to practice because it can be very risky. So you can learn by doing practical by going to your nearest gas filling store.

How do I book a gas cylinder in UP?

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and want to book an HP gas cylinder, then first of all dial the number Uttar Pradesh East 98896 23456 / Uttar Pradesh West 81919 23456 from your mobile. After that, you can book your HP gas by following the instructions given.

What is IVRS booking?

With IVRS, you can book your HP gas sitting at your home, in which you have to dial the HP gas booking of your state, and within a few minutes your HP gas will be booked.

How do I book a cylinder on the app?

If you want to book through the official app of HP Gas, then first of all you will have to register and create a user ID and password and then after logging in, you can book HP Gas very easily by following some steps.

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